Sunset Shadows by Bronwyn Parry

Book blurb…

For police officers Steve Fraser and Tess Ballard, a split-second decision saves the lives of fifty members of a cult – but also puts their careers on the line.  Tess’s work is everything to her; she’s forged a new life through sheer determination.  When Tess’s past returns to haunt her, Steve must race through the wild country if he is to save the people he most cares about.

A nail-biting novel of romantic suspense by the multi-award-winning author of Dead Heat and Storm Clouds.

My thoughts…

I have read all Bronwyn Parry’s books and have never been disappointed.  This book is no exception.

Both lead characters, Steve Frazer and Tess Ballard, will take you on a journey into troubled pasts and back into the present with a pace that will have you quite breathless and unwilling to put the book down until the action-packed end.  In fact the entire story is non-stop with characters that endure more than their fair share of troubles. The plot is a nail biting and emotional one and one that leaves this Bronwyn Parry fan very satisfied.

This book has also been reviewed on Goodreads and Australian Women Writers


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I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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