Hi, my name is Jeannette.

ABIAS attempt 2013

While my travel partner plots her own stories, I plot our course around this big land (as well as help out with story development and a spot of structural editing).

But what I love to do is read, read, read. So I am–literally–reading my way around the country in a fifth-wheeler caravan with a one-eyed dog and a writer on board.

Not only will I tell you where I am, but also what I’m reading while checking out the sights.





3 Responses to Hi, my name is Jeannette.

  1. Hi Jeanette,have just read your reviews and really enjoyed them. I am an avid reader and read as many reviews as I can. I often base my choices on a review and am seldom disappointed. what a wonderful life you three lead, it sounds like paradise. when are you going to venture to Western Australia ? cheers Delores


    • Jeannette says:

      Thank you so much. Jen is teaching me everything she knows about blogging. I am taking in about 30%. I just told Jenn you commented and she said “Oh, Delores! She’s lovely.” We are very keen to get to WA. Lots of writing and reading friends over that way.


    • writenote1 says:

      I agree with Deb – we’d love to see you and Jenn in WA. Stories on Stage?


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