Devil’s Lair by Sarah Barrie

Book blurb…

For readers of The Dark Lake and The Dry, comes this taut psychological suspense set in a dramatic Tasmanian landscape from bestselling author Sarah Barrie.

A lonely widow, a sinister act, a remote mansion with a dark past…

After the violent death of her husband, Callie Jones retreats to a cottage in the grounds of an old mansion in Tasmania. The relative remoteness of the place and the wild beauty of the Tasmanian landscape are a balm to her shattered nerves and the locals seem friendly, particularly horseman Connor Atherton and his siblings at the nearby property, Calico Lodge.

But all is not well: the old mansion has a sinister past, one associated with witchcraft and murder. As Callie is threatened by odd events in the night and strange dreams overtake her sleep, she begins to doubt her own sanity. What’s really going on beneath the surface of this apparently peaceful town? Are her friends and neighbours really who they seem? As events escalate, Callie starts to realise that the mansion may hold the key to unlocking the mystery, but the truth might have as much power to destroy as it does to save.

My thoughts…

I had no doubt I would enjoy this book. I’d heard so many good things about this author and her ability to plot a good story.

There is a sinister element to the story, with witchcraft and murder the main themes.

I obviously felt for Callie when her life took a sinister turn, but she is a strong female character who I loved right to the end.

I also loved Connor, but was he too good to be true?

You will have to dive into this story to find out.

This book is a must-read, but it may encourage bad dreams, or you may hear things going bump in the night.

Thanks to another great Australian author. Love Aussie authors!

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Published by Harper Collins Publishers

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I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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