Forget My Name by J.S. Monroe

Book blurb…

How do you know who to trust…
…when you don’t even know who you are?

You are outside your front door.
There are strangers in your house.
Then you realise. You can’t remember your name.

She arrived at the train station after a difficult week at work. Her bag had been stolen, and with it, her identity. Her whole life was in there – passport, wallet, house key. When she tried to report the theft, she couldn’t remember her own name. All she knew was her own address.

Now she’s outside Tony and Laura’s front door. She says she lives in their home. They say they have never met her before.

One of them is lying.

My thoughts…

Review quotes on this novel use words such as “sinister, captivating, gripping, and creepy.”  Often, with descriptions like this’ I can be left wondering what book readers are referring to. In the case of Forget My Name, I totally agree with all these words. This novel is sinister, captivating, gripping, and creepy and I love that!

It is hard to know if the woman at Tony and Laura’s door is genuine, or an absolute psychopath.

I did think, about half way thru the book, that the author was using a secondary plot to perhaps pad out the story.  Whether or not that was the case, didn’t matter as I did enjoy how the threads came together.

Telling too much might give too much away, but the one thing I will say is, if you’re worried about your memory (maybe you are starting to forget simple things…) beware of this story!!!!

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Published by Head of Zeus


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I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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  1. nzfnmblog says:

    Definitely sound interesting!


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