The Home by Karen Osman

Book blurb…

It was the one place she should have been safe.

Angela was just a baby when she was abandoned, and a children’s home is no place to grow up. When manager Ray takes girls off to his ‘den’ in the garden, they always come back crying…

So, when wealthy couple James and Rosemary come to choose a child to adopt, Angela is desperate to escape.

Years later, Angela starts to search for her birth mother, Evelyn, hoping to heal the scars of her childhood. But strange and sinister events start to unfold. And Evelyn fears she may not survive her daughter’s return.

My thoughts…

This story ends with one of those twist you don’t see coming and I might rave a lot more about the novel if I hadn’t been left feeling a little deceived / tricked as a result of new information provided at around 90% in. I can’t elaborate further without spoilers, and I did enjoy the book, but I wonder if I might have been more invested in the characters had the author let me into to twist earlier. The shock/surprise factor is great in a book. We love them. But we read for the character’s journey and I felt a little removed from this one.

This novel might make a good book club discussion.

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I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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