The Lost Pearl by Emily Madden

Book blurb…

From Pearl Harbor to the shores of Sydney, a family secret that spans generations could unite a family – or destroy it.

Honolulu, Hawaii 1941

On the evening of her sixteenth birthday party, Catherine McGarrie wants nothing more than for the night to be over, even though the opulence of the ballroom befits the daughter of a US Navy Rear Admiral. Then she meets Charlie, a navy officer from the other side of the tracks, a man her parents would never approve of.

As rumours of war threaten their tropical paradise, Catherine and Charlie fall in love. But the bombing of Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941 changes their lives forever.

Seventy–five years later, addled by age and painkillers, Catherine tells her granddaughter Kit her story and reveals the tale of a long–lost treasure. Can Kit uncover the secret and reunite her family? Or will the truth tear them apart?

My Thoughts…

I loved the emotional journey in this story, as well as the trip to war-time Hawaii and the glimpse of a 1941 Pearl Harbour.

The plot is both intricate and easy for follow—not an easy task. The author has done a very good job tying everything together, creating a story to capture both your heart and your interest, from beginning to end.

I loved the story about Catherine and Charlie most of all.  The hardships they and their families endured following the attack on Pearl Harbour and the ensuing war seemed very authentic, sad and tragic.

I do love a tale of missed opportunities and this is one of those stories.

The events the main character, Kit, uncovers in her search through the past are well timed and perfectly plotted, rewarding the reader with just enough information to keep them reading well into the night.

A must read, but you may need a tissue or two.

This review is also published on Goodreads and Australian Women Writers Challenge

Published by Harper Collins Australia


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I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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