The Good Teacher by Richard Anderson

Book blurb…

A sensible small town. An accident and a secret. They say a good teacher is hard to find …

Stony Creek is a quiet farming community where good manners, good will and fairness must be upheld at all costs. No one embodies these values more than married P&C president, Jennifer Booth. Though her only child is long graduated from Stony Creek Primary School (one teacher plus casuals), Jennifer prides herself on leading by example. But when she has passionate, unexpected sex with the new principal, Brock Kelly, just before a P&C meeting, on his office desk, no one is more surprised than she. And when an accident at the school looks like sabotage, then they’ve really got trouble on their hands.

Fellow committee member Sarah Howard, gifted with a highly developed intuition, takes one look at the guilty parties and knows her children’s futures are in jeopardy. Everyone always says that a child’s education should not be compromised and nothing about this scandal will end well for the school, the teacher or the community. Does disaster loom for Stony Creek?

My thoughts…

It’s impossible to put some books down, especially those so full of characters who have moral compasses so utterly out of whack. I was totally hooked by The Good Teacher and was gob smacked at how deceitful the people in this town could be.

The Good Teacher is not a big book and don’t expect me to mention the amazing descriptions of the town or the landscape because if there was any such detail I was too sucked into the characters’ lives to notice. I saw nothing other than what the narrator wanted me to see and I read well into the night because I could NOT put this story down.

A great read. Lots of lessons to learn from The Good Teacher!!

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Published by Harlequin (Australia)


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I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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