Monster In The Closet (The Baltimore Series Book 5) by Karen Rose

Book blurb…

A mother is dead, and now her killer hunts the child that witnessed the brutal crime…

Private Investigator Clay Maynard locates missing children for clients, but has nearly given up hope of finding his own daughter, cruelly stolen from him by his ex-wife twenty-three years ago.

Equine therapist Taylor Dawson has chosen to intern at Daphne Montgomery-Carter’s stables so that she can observe the program’s security director – her father, Clay Maynard. Trying to reconcile the wonderful man she’s getting to know with the monster her mother always described, Taylor never expects to become the target of a real monster, the man who murdered the mother of the little girls she works with at the stable. Neither does she expect to fall for Ford Elkhart, Daphne’s handsome son, who is dealing with his own demons. As family and friends gather for a wedding, Taylor starts to imagine a permanent life in Baltimore.

My thoughts…

The writing, in particular the special bond that builds and the reconnection had me a blubbering mess, and not a third of the way into the book! I loved all the characters in this story with one exception! You will have to read the story to know who this is! And Taylor is a character that any reader will love, simply because she is strong, capable, but also vulnerable.

The father/daughter relationships tugged at my heartstrings more than once as I read, bumping this novel up into ‘page-turner’ category.

This story is well worth your precious reading time.

Review also posted on Goodreads

Published by Hachette Australia


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