The Switch by Joseph Finder

Book blurb…

Michael Tanner is heading home from a business trip when he accidentally picks up the wrong laptop from security. What he doesn’t know is that the owner is US senator Susan Robbins, and her laptop contains top secret files that should never have been on there in the first place.

And Senator Robbins is not the only one who wants the laptop back… Suddenly, Tanner is a hunted man. On the run, terrified for the safety of his family – he is in desperate need of a plan – but who can he trust?

My thoughts…

LISA GARDNER described The Switch as “Completely original, emotionally satisfying, expertly twisted. The thriller to read this year.”

I could not agree more.  I loved everything about his book: the plot, the characters and how the suspense forced me to keep reading. This is a genuine page turner, extraordinarily plotted, and that ending…? Inspired. Love, love loved it.

I have not read any stories by Joseph Finder before but be assured I will read him again.

If you like reading thrillers, make sure this one goes on your to be read pile.

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About Jeannette

I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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