The Lake and the Lost Girl by Jacquelyn Vincenta

Book blurb…

An intricately plotted debut about love, obsession, and the destruction of a family from the inside out.

When Frank’s single-minded pursuit for Mary’s lost poems puts his family in jeopardy, Lydia throws herself into the mystery, hoping to solve it and bring peace back to her home. But as Lydia begins investigating, her son takes action with a plan of his own…one that will bring the family to a breaking point and change Lydia’s destiny forever.

It’s 1999 in White Hill, Michigan, and Lydia Carroll’s husband is in love with a dead woman. English Professor Frank Carroll has invested years searching for the lost works of local poet Mary Stone Walker, whose mysterious disappearance in 1939 is only rivaled by the beautiful words she left behind.

My thoughts…

This book fascinated me from beginning to end – mysterious, mesmeric, and marvelous storytelling that shows how easily a family can destroy itself once obsession and disrespect enter a relationship.

Told predominantly in current day with glimpses from Mary’s life sixty years earlier. We get an understanding of the how she lived and suffered in her marriage. The story is well plotted and easy to follow.

I look forward to future novels by Jacquelyn Vincent.

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