Promise of Hunters Ridge by Sarah Barrie

Book blurb…

By the time this is all over, she’ll know what it’s like to kill, or what it’s like to die.

Mia Morgan doesn’t let anything get to her. After freeing herself from an obsessive boss and saving loved ones from a serial killer, she feels like she can handle anything life throws at her. But now that killer – a deranged hunter who preys on women for sport – is coming for her. And if she runs, others will pay the price. As if that’s not enough, Ben Bowden, the brilliant detective who has made her life hell for the past four years, has some insane plan to protect her. If she collaborates with him, Mia might just have to acknowledge her true feelings. But if she keeps him out, will she let the hunter win?

Ben Bowden is sick of finding dead bodies. If being the lead detective on the biggest case in the country didn’t come with enough pressure, now the psychopath Ben is chasing has Mia Morgan in his sights. And Mia doesn’t want his help. She hasn’t forgiven him for the past, and is being less than cooperative with his investigation. Protecting her is a challenge, and the sparks that fly whenever they’re together aren’t helping. But he has to make her trust him – somehow – because she has a plan that terrifies him to the bone.

Can he convince her to work with him? Or will she risk everything to single-handedly turn the hunter into the hunted?

My thoughts…

I always want to congratulate an author when I find myself reading a book midway through in a series and their careful and considerate writing has let me catch up on storylines (without having read any previous titles).

Promise of Hunters Ridge is as much a standalone read as it is book 3 in a series. Based on my enjoyment, I have no hesitation in recommending the earlier books in the series. The characters are fabulous and I am confident the stories will be equally as good as Promise of Hunters Ridge, which hooked me from the beginning. It had me awake and reading through the night. Even though I was tired, I had to get to the end.

Sarah Barrie, you have done an excellent job and I love all the characters (except, of course, the bad guy!)

Review posted on Goodreads and Australian Women Writers Challenge


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2 Responses to Promise of Hunters Ridge by Sarah Barrie

  1. Sarah Barrie says:

    Thank you for the lovely review! x

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