Things We Cannot See by Dianne Maguire

Book blurb…

Set on the magical coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula and inspired by true events, Things We Cannot See is Dianne Maguire’s second domestic suspense novel – a compelling story of children and families, love and betrayal. Laura Nesci has found her forever partner – until he leaves her for no apparent reason. It is only in the wake of a family tragedy and the unearthing of her husband’s secret life that things fall into place, including Laura’s burgeoning attraction for local artist Flynn. Fighting against the temptation of another possibly disastrous relationship, Laura channels her energies into her work as a victim support officer with the police. Fifteen-year-old Alex is a girl with secrets. Her best friend Maddi believes it’s wrong, but Alex knows that what she has with their science teacher is special. When Alex is attacked, Maddi and Laura become locked in a silent battle of wills: Laura suspects that Maddi is keeping secrets for her friend, and Maddi must decide whether to speak up or remain silent. But the final telling of Alex’s deepest secret is met with shock and disbelief from everyone, including Laura, who thinks she has seen it all – until now.

My thoughts…

I enjoyed this story as much as Dianne Maguire’s debut novel, What Matters Most.  While Things We Cannot See has a lot going on, it is the type of story you can put down when life gets in the way, but is easy to pick up where you left off.

The main character, Laura, manages to not only deal with her own life and marriage troubles but is very dedicated to her day job as a victim support officer.  I liked this character, however, she needed to demonstrate her frustrations to me a little more, especially in dealing with her work colleague when he joined a boys club with the boss.  As a character I thought she managed things too well and needed to get more emotional, so I became more invested in the story.

Overall this novel did not disappoint and I would recommend Things We Cannot See to go onto your to-be-read pile. It is an Australian author and we need to ‘buy more Aussie made’ and that includes books!

Review posted on Goodreads and Australian Women Writers Challenge

Published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia


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