The Other Sister by Dianne Dixon

Book blurb…

Morgan’s twin sister has everything, and she hates her for it. A terrifying crime reveals that those who know us best can either destroy us…or save us.

Ali and Morgan are sisters, fraternal twins who from the moment of their birth share a strangely intertwined existence. But then their connection is abruptly fractured by a series of startling changes that begin when Ali suddenly moves from Rhode Island to Los Angeles. Almost immediately she is raped, by a man wearing a very peculiar set of clothes. Then, years later, in ways that are both harrowing and transcendent, Ali’s life (and Morgan’s) is sent spinning into chaos by a bizarre discovery: the rapist’s clothing, neatly packed away in a small, brown suitcase. The suitcase is hidden in the attic of a house that Ali has only recently moved into.

How could this be? How, and when, did that suitcase get into that attic?

The startling answer to this question has its roots in a place of guilt, and of love—in the need to belong and the need to be free—in small accidents and dark crimes—and in an elusive search for atonement.

My thoughts…

The Other Sister kept me interested I enjoyed reading about the two sisters and their troubles.  When it comes to who to like and dislike I found my emotions swinging like a pendulum.

The plot was strong in parts even though it was a simple story about relationships between siblings. The other characters and their troubles added to the plot.

There seems to be mixed reviews about this story and this doesn’t surprise me as the author has written a book that by default gives the reader emotional responses about the characters and this often leads to personal opinions in reviews.

For me I enjoyed the journey thank you Dianne Dixon.


About Jeannette

I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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