Buried Lies by Kristina Ohlsson

Book blurb…

How do you vindicate a deceased, self-proclaimed killer?

A criminal lawyer in Stockholm, Martin Benner sees himself as a man who has it all. Then Bobby T barges into his office one day, demanding his help. Bobby says he’s the brother of Sara Tell, a young woman dubbed “Sara Texas” by the tabloids after she confessed to five brutal murders some time back — three in Sweden, and two in Texas.

Six months ago, she shocked everyone when she escaped from pre-trial custody and leapt off a bridge to her death. But Bobby says she was innocent. He needs Martin’s help to clear her name and to find Sara’s son, Mio, who he says disappeared around the time of her death.

As Martin and Lucy, the partner in his firm, delve deeper into the case, their pursuit of the truth takes them across the ocean to Texas, where the pieces of the puzzle slowly fall into place. But before Martin can continue his investigation, he receives some devastating news that turns his world upside down…

My Thoughts…

This story is thoroughly intriguing and a genuine page turner until the end. Investigating a serial killer (Sara) after they have killed themselves is an interesting plot and well handled. I do feel the approach leads the reader to assume early on that she more than likely did not commit the crimes.

Investigating Sara’s crimes is Martin — a persistent and determined character who does not deserve the things that happen to him.

While I enjoyed the story (and a fan of the author’s previous works) I was so surprised and disappointed with the ending I had to email to ask if there were (ebook) pages missing. I felt the story stopped on a strange note, rather than rounding off to a conclusion, thus leaving me with too many questions.

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