Hold by Kirsten Tranter

Book blurb…

A haunting, hypnotic and enticing novel of grief and desire, by one of Australia’s finest, most assured novelists.

Three years ago, Shelley’s lover, Conrad, died in a surfing accident. Now, still in a state of subdued grief, Shelley has just moved into an old Victorian terrace in Paddington with David, her new partner, trying for a new beginning. At home one morning, Shelley discovers a door to a small intriguing room, which is not on the plans. There is a window, a fireplace and a beautiful chandelier. But nothing else.

When Shelley meets a man who seems to be Conrad’s uncanny double, the mysterious room begins to dominate her world, becoming a focus for her secret fantasies and fears, offering an escape which also threatens to become a trap. A waking dream of a novel, HOLD is spellbinding, sensual and unsettling.

My thoughts…

I have a great deal of admiration for Kirsten Tranter for her writing of Hold.  She took me on a journey with Shelley that had me captivated whilst asking myself where was the story going.

The room Shelly discovered in her house was a character all of it’s own in the book and had me quite intrigued as to what role it was to play in Shelly’s life.

If you are a reader that likes your stories wrapped up to a neat conclusion at the end be warned that this story is not designed to give you all the answers.  Your mind will play tricks on you throughout and so will the ending.

A captivating story of living through grief and finding new beginnings.  Well done to another great Australian author.

This review has also been placed on Goodreads and Australian Women Writers Challenge


About Jeannette

I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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