The War Bride by Pamela Hart

Book blurb…

LOVE. BETRAYAL. NEW BEGINNINGS. A young English war bride makes a new life in Australia in this romantic story set on the stunning coast of Sydney, by the author of THE SOLDIER’S WIFE.

January, 1920. Young Englishwoman Margaret Dalton is full of excitement as she arrives to begin a new life in the warm, golden land of Australia. She leaves behind the horrors of WWI and can’t wait to see her husband, Frank, after two years’ separation. But when Margaret’s ship docks, Frank isn’t there to greet her and Margaret is informed that he already has a wife . . .

Devastated, Margaret must swap her hopes and dreams for the reality of living and working in a strange new city. And just as a growing friendship with army sergeant Tom McBride gives her a steady person to rely on, news arrives that Frank may not have abandoned her. Where should Margaret’s loyalties lie: with the old life or with the new?

My thoughts…

The War Bride is an immersive read—a sensory journey back to a post war Sydney with the sights, smells, and scenery adding to the authenticity of this tale. I was in character, riding on trams and ferries, and learning to swim in the surf. Having grown up in Sydney myself, I could picture the areas described from Manly to the city (having walked many of the same hills around North Sydney.)

The War Bride is primarily Margaret Daltons’ story. She arrives in Australia as a war bride, where circumstances force her to develop strength and compassion in trying times. Margaret’s story is heart-warming as she pushes through the challenges of the era after being abandoned in a new country, and with no family. She forms new friendships and is determined to find employment in very difficult times, despite not having much experience and no references.

The plot is well thought out, the pace increasing as the story progresses and more characters are introduced  Towards the end I could not put the book down until I knew what happened to each of the characters.

The War Bride is one of those stories that makes you want to cheer and cry at the same time.  A story of love and conflict, written from a historical perspective, The War Bride is a great read. Highly recommended. Well done to another great Australian author.

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3 Responses to The War Bride by Pamela Hart

  1. Jeanette, another title for my never ending TBR pile, I really like the sound of this one! Thank you for the review


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