Running Against the Tide by Amanda Ortlepp

Book blurb… 

Running Against the Tide is a novel about long-held grudges, prejudices and love triangles in a small town where lives are tangled too closely together.

Erin Travers is running away from her life and taking her two sons with her to a small town on the Eyre Peninsula. This small, beautiful township is interwoven with happy childhood memories for Erin. But the past never stays the same and she is bringing a whole lot of baggage with her. When the peaceful community is disrupted by arson and oyster theft, everyone has different ideas about who is responsible. Old grudges are brought up, and fingers are pointed and secrets unmasked.

My thoughts…

I have been reading this book whilst travelling down Australia’s east coast between Woodgate in south-east Queensland and Corindi Beach on the mid-north coast of NSW. I have not had much reading time whilst travelling but that said, I did take every chance possible to finish this story.

This novel is one that will make you feel for all the characters in one way or another, especially towards the later half of the book when all the long-held grudges and prejudices really start to show.  Erin never really escapes her past and brings a whole lot of baggage with her when she moves to a peaceful community with her two sons and without her husband.

Running Against the Tide is the perfect name for this story as it is not only a great analogy for the Oyster Farms but works so well for Erin Travers and her life challenges.

The characterisation of Erin’s youngest son was so well done I moved from wanting to tell him to wake up to himself to feeling so sorry for him that I wanted to scream at Erin to take more notice of him and his issues.

I have not read Amanda Ortlepp’s first book ,Claiming Noah, but it will now be on my to be read list.  I have heard good things about it.

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I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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3 Responses to Running Against the Tide by Amanda Ortlepp

  1. Kris Lewis says:

    Hi Jeannette. This sounds like my sort of book. Thanks for your reviews I find them very insightful. It’s not so easy simply “judging a book by its cover” – your reviews help!


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