Remembering Anita Cobby The Case, the Husband, the Aftermath – 30 Years On by Mark Morri

Book blurb

John Cobby finally tells his story, 30 years after the murder of his wife, Anita.On 4 February 1986, John Cobby’s life imploded. He was driving up the coast looking for his missing wife, Anita, when over the radio he heard: ‘The body of a naked woman has been found in a paddock in western Sydney.’ . . . As details emerged of the rape and murder of the gentle nurse and former beauty queen, outrage engulfed Australia. Five men were caught and, amid unprecedented security, jailed for life.For young reporter Mark Morri, the case was a baptism of fire. Told to ‘find the husband’, he despaired: Cobby had changed his name and disappeared. But the Daily Mirror found him, and Morri’s interviews sold like hotcakes. For nearly 30 years, Morri and Cobby kept in touch. In this book John finally opens up, recounting how he and Anita fell in love, suffered the pain of miscarriage and then went travelling. He also explains why they were apart at the time of the murder. Weaving in chilling material from the autopsy and police files, and interviews with detectives who hunted down the killers, Mark Morri explores the ripple effects of the murder that still shocks a nation.

My thoughts-

Most Australians will have heard the name Anita Cobby.  I certainly do. When I saw the opportunity to read and review the book, Remembering Anita Cobby, I hoped to understand the grief suffered by her husband John Cobby who has remained a victim of the most horrendous crime for the last 30 years.

This story does not detail the events of Anita’s murder, rather how the murder impacted those closest to Anita.  This is a fascinating story, well written and easy to read despite a few chilling pages, that focuses on John Cobby’s attempts to move forward when, in a way, his life ended that night, too.

The reporter and author, Mark Morri, has detailed Johns ongoing grief in a very dignified way, sharing with readers the very personal struggles he continues to face 30 years later.

This story was released on the 1st of Feb, 2016 and is hard to put down. Just as Anita’s image has all these years, the book, Remembering Anita Cobby, will stay with me for a long time.

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