One More Day by Kelly Simmons

Carrie Morgan dared look away and the unthinkable happened.

No one wants to be the mother whose child disappears. It’s unthinkable, the stuff of nightmares. But when she turns her back to pay a parking meter, Carrie Morgan becomes that mother. Ben is gone, and more than a year later, it’s clear that he is never coming back.

Until he does…for just twenty-four hours, before once again vanishing from his crib without a trace. Rumors start to circulate through Carrie’s small town. Whispers that she’s seeing things. That her alibi doesn’t quite add up.

Her husband and friends start to think she’s crazy. The police start to think she’s guilty. As the investigation heats up, Carrie must decide what to share, and why. Because the crime is about to be solved… and her secret revealed.

One More Day is both fascinating and haunting.  I was so intrigued by the plot – the complexity and Kelly’s cleverness – that when I finished the book I was so tempted to go back and start reading all over a gain. This novel is THAT cleverly constructed and told.

I tend to read a lot of character driven novels, enjoying the depth of emotion and the journey. One More Day is no exception, but adding to this story was a plot so tightly woven that it wrapped me up and would not allow me to leave it until the last page. A fantastic read with themes that will encourage some interesting dinner party discussion with friends. My favourite kind of read.

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2 Responses to One More Day by Kelly Simmons

  1. Janine K says:

    Ooh this sounds like a good one! I will put on my TBR list 😊 Thanks for the review!


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