Darkest Place by Jaye Ford

Book blurb

An adrenaline-pumping suspense novel from the author of Beyond Fear. What if a stranger is watching you sleep – and no one believes you? Carly Townsend is starting over after a decade of tragedy and pain. In a new town and a new apartment she’s determined to leave the memories and failures of her past behind. However that dream is shattered in the dead of night when she is woken by the shadow of a man next to her bed, silently watching her. And it happens week after week.Yet there is no way an intruder could have entered the apartment. It’s on the fourth floor, the doors are locked and there is no evidence that anyone has been inside. With the police doubting her story, and her psychologist suggesting it’s all just a dream, Carly is on her own. And being alone isn’t so appealing when you’re scared to go to sleep . . .

My thoughts

I always enjoy Jaye Ford’s books and Darkest Place is no exception.

The main character, Carly Townsend, certainly has plenty of reasons to not want to go to bed at night without first checking all her doors and windows.

In true Jaye Ford suspense style I was cautious about reading at bedtime! The fact I live in a caravan did work in my favour when it came to checking under the bed, the doors and windows. There are no dark places for anyone to hide in a 24 foot caravan and there is no ‘under bed’.

I did start to doubt Carly’s state of mind and wondered how long the police would tolerate her calls for help. This character appears to be very much like the ‘girl’ who cried wolf.  She struggles to understand what was actually happening to her and her psychologist suggests sleep paralysis may be the cause of her problem.  This condition was new to me so I goggled it. Fascinating!

But was sleep paralysis a real possibility, or was the author simply giving us a plausible reason to explain?  Either way, this story hooked me. Great writing, Jaye.

When I am reading a novel I always try to link the title of the book to the story. On this occasion I thought Darkest Place was related to Carly’s mind.  Was I right?  I can’t say. You will need to read Darkest Place for yourself! And I highly recommend it.

This story adds a new dimension to the dreams and nightmares we all have from time to time.  So tuck yourself in, check the door is locked, and start reading.

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About Jeannette

I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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