Outback Promise by Bolitho, Maggie


Rocked first by the death of her only child, and then again by the discovery of her husband’s infidelity, Ros and Grady travel to the middle of Australia – the Red Centre – to find what lies at the heart of their marriage, and face secrets she too has kept to herself.

My thoughts:

Outback Promise starts with some very powerful writing describing the tragic death of Ros and Grady’s son.  I was emotionally invested in the story straight up, however the camping trip the couple takes slowed the pace and at times I did struggle to read on.

The baggage carried by Ros and Grady was definitely in need of unpacking and I kept reading for this reason.  Their relationship needed to be opened up, and the trip (several years after the loss of their son) was intended to make this happen. While I enjoyed reading the various travel tales that randomly occurred during the couple’s camping trip, I failed to see these scenes directly helping the couple’s marriage and therefore contributing to the characters’ growth.

I wondered how Ros and Grady would learn from the events in order to start talking to each other. Over time their Issues trickled to the surface and, as a reader, I was somewhat rewarded.

If the original pace of the story and my emotional investment in the character’s heartache, had continued throughout the book, I would have enjoyed the journey more.  That said, I did appreciate the travel stories as I am a full-time grey nomad – one who hopefully will not meet some of the characters created for Outback Promise.

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I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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