Things You Won’t Say by Sarah Pekkanen

Once again I  read this story whilst travelling the east coast of Australia taking time out to enjoy the scenery as well as time to read this most enjoyable narrative.
This story is an intense exploration of true-to-life relationships, complex and compelling. Sarah Pekkanen certainly hits the mark, drilling down to the depths of her characters.
I  did not get a true sense of Mike. I would have enjoyed a stronger emotional connection with him had I heard more from him directly throughout the story.  In saying that, the Author has portrayed the events effectively thru the other characters.
The story certainly shows how life can unravel as a result of what we will or will not say to each other.
I love Lou and her dedication to the animals she cared for and I found Christie to be an interesting character.  Mostly I felt for Jamie as she shouldered the responsibility for holding everything together whilst the other characters remained self involved.
If you like stories that mimic real life and pose complex questions as to what should or should not be said, and how we say them, then you will enjoy this story as I did.
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About Jeannette

I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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