The Near Miss by Fran Cusworth

I read this book sitting near a headland at Corindi Beach Caravan Park in Northern NSW.  I walked the beach daily and during these walks I gave a lot of thought to the lives portrayed in this story.

This  book is described as a story about real life aspirations, and whether you can chase your dreams at the same time as raising children and paying the bills. It’s about friendship, and how the people you meet in a moment can change your life forever.

Truly representative of life, the characters in The Near Miss certainly had their share of issues.  I enjoyed the writing in this book however I did not experience the highs and lows as I often do in stories.  That said the book is very well written and thought out.

The story starts with a near miss providing the author with a catalyst to bring the characters together.  After their meeting the author gives the reader a view of each of their respective lives and the issues each of them face.

I liked and understood all the characters however I must confess to wanting to shake Eddy a few times.

The Near Miss is a real life portrayal of how the directions people take in their lives can truly affect them.

This review is placed on Goodreads  and the link is added to the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015 review site

Published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia



About Jeannette

I'm living the dream, reading my way around this country and living in a 5th wheeler caravan.
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